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ScreenStudio will let you record your desktop in a full HD video files. Overlay some text or even your webcam. It will also let you stream your desktop to services like UStream, Hitbox or

Built around "ffmpeg" that is currently available on all Linux distros and should work "out-of-the-box".
ScreenStudio is compatible with Ubuntu/Linux, OS X and Windows 10

  • Version 3.x: Requires JRE 8.0 and FFMpeg only (+0.9.x) (Included for Mac OS X and Windows)
  • Version 2.x: Requires JRE 8.0 and FFMpeg only (+0.9.x) (Included for Mac OS X)
  • Version 1.x: Obsolete!

Instructions: Click here!

For Ubuntu
For OS X
For Windows 10 (Experimental)

Simply download the latest archive, uncompress it on your hardisk.

  • For Ubuntu, ensure that the "Executable" bit is active on the ScreenStudio.jar file otherwise, Ubuntu will not let you launch the application. Double-click on the ScreenStudio.jar and you're ready to stream!
  • For OSX, unzip the archive, right-click on the App bundle and select Open.


  • Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 16.04) or Mac OS X (Yosemite)
  • ffmpeg 0.9x (For Linux only... Often already installed with Ubuntu by installing libav-tools 9.x)
  • JRE 8.x or above (OpenJDK is available for Ubuntu)
  • A webcam (Optional)
  • An account with some provider like Youtube Live, Ustream to broadcast live!
  • A lot of space on your harddisk if you want to record locally
  • For dependencies: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg openjdk-8-jre

    In version 2.x, video files will be saved in a subfolder "Capture" in your installation folder. The service will define the video file format.

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